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The Power of Laughter – MakeItUltra™

“Something which has never occurred since time immemorial; a young woman did not fart in her husband’s lap.” ~Unknown 1900 BC

The worlds oldest recorded joke dates back to 1900 BC. This joke proves that toilet humor has been around for a very long time along with mankind’s need to laugh. We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with the serious side of life. We have 24 hour news stations, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other forms of social media that can overload the senses. In today’s stress filled society, finding humor in life and learning to laugh at ourselves is important. Research shows that laughter is not only good for the soul but is beneficial for health!

In honor of April being National Humor Month and to commemorate the passing of legendary comedian Don Rickles, who passed away this week at the age of 90, here are 5 benefits of laughter and some jokes to help shed some of today’s stress.

1. Lowers blood pressure and reduces stress hormones


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9 Easy and Brilliant Ways To Get a Great Posture


Although many strive to have the correct posture, only a chosen few achieve this goal, and the Bright Side team is not an exception.

That’s why we’ve found several fantastic tips on how to make your back straight and beautiful, and we would like to share them with you

1 – Do exercises that improve your posture

Find some time to do exercises that will help you improve your posture. Try to spend 10-20 minutes a day exercising. Don’t overstrain yourself, otherwise you’ll only make it worse. If you are an office worker, don’t forget to do a warm-up for your back, neck, and shoulders daily.

2 – Organize your work place


How to Consume More Probiotics Naturally | Wellness Mama


The human body has more bacterial cells that human cells and a large part of these live in the digestive system. New research is constantly showing the relationship of gut bacteria to many aspects of health. Unfortunately, the modern diet is largely deficient in foods that nourish this gut bacteria in a healthy way since many foods are pasteurized, irradiated or created in a sterile lab.

The balance of bacteria in the gut is important for immune health, hormone balance and many other aspects of wellness. Many of the foods that are most often consumed these days are high in sugar, processed grains, vegetable oils and foods that often let the “bad” bacteria grow more than they should.

Adding probiotic rich foods and drinks to the diet is an easy way to give gut bacteria a boost and to keep the digestive system in proper balance. Here one of the five easy ways to consume more probiotics:

3. Water Kefir “Soda”

How to make healthy probiotic water kefir natural sodaThe kids’ favorite way to consume probiotics is in the form of Water Kefir “Soda.” Water Kefir is made by using a natural colony of beneficial yeast and bacteria to ferment a sugar water solution.


The bacteria consumes the sugar in the water and in the process creates probiotics and enzymes. If a secondary fermentation is done, the result is a naturally fizzy fermented probiotic drink that is reminiscent of a fruit soda. There are endless ways to customize water kefir soda flavors.

Water Kefir is dairy free and easy to make on the kitchen counter. Click here for my full tutorial.
Moreway to consume probiotics on their website


Source: How to Consume More Probiotics Naturally | Wellness Mama

6 Things To Do Before Getting Out Of Bed In The Morning



When the alarm clock goes off, most of us either hit snooze or groggily get out of bed without much thought about how we’re starting the day. But if you can spare 10 extra minutes, you can make a world of difference to your mental and physical health — all before leaving your bed in the morning. Use these tips to get up on the right side of the bed from now on.

1. Put down your cellphone

Time needed: 30 seconds

After the alarm goes off, put your phone back down on the nightstand. Get into the habit of guarding your mental health, which means resisting the temptation to scroll through your social media feeds or checking the news.

Research has some startling things to say in this department. For example, frequent social media useis linked with high rates of depression and low self-esteem. In addition, it’s well established thatwatching or reading the news negatively impacts our mental health. That’s because the news you see on your feed may be violent and emotionally-charged, causing you to feel more anxious and angry. Over time, it may even alter your world view, leading you to believe the world is more dangerous than it actually is.

Whoa! The last thing you need in the morning is to activate your sympathetic nervous system, which simulates the flight or fight response. Instead, simply opt out. In his book “4-Hour Workweek,” author and lifestyle designer Tim Ferris says, “I never watch the news and haven’t bought one single newspaper in the last five years.” He prefers to hear a quick recap of the news from friends and colleagues. Now there’s something to consider.

2. Think of 10 things you’re grateful for



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Saint Patrick’s Day Magick Ritual ~ — hocuspocus13

Originally posted on Ye Olde Dark Arts: * This is a modified version of our annual Saint Patrick’s Day Magick Ritual performed by members of Ye Olde Dark Arts Coven-Tradition which has turned into a very fun gathering for all and we hope to be able to open it up to others of like mind…

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How Dogs Help People Get Along Better | Greater Good


Casey, is one of my favorite beings on the planet. Not only is he extremely cute, his presence calms me, makes me happy, and helps me to meet new people…especially when I take a walk with him.

My husband and I often joke that if everyone had a dog like Casey, there simply wouldn’t be any wars—the assumption being that everyone would just get along if he were around. Now, a new study suggests that we might be onto something.

Casey the dog
Casey the dog

Researchers at Central Michigan University gave small groups tasks to do with or without a companion dog in the room. In the first experiment, groups generated a 15-second ad and slogan for a fictional project—a task requiring cooperation. In the second experiment, groups played a modified version of the prisoner’s dilemma game, in which individual members decide whether to cooperate with one another or to look out only for themselves. All of these interactions were videotaped.

Afterwards, participants reported on how satisfied they felt with the group and how much they trusted group members. In addition, independent raters analyzed the video recordings, looking for displays of cooperation, verbal and physical signs of bonding or closeness, and expressions of vulnerability that indicated trust.

Regardless of the task, groups with a dog showed more verbal and physical signs of closeness than groups without a dog. Also, raters observed more signs of cooperation during the first task, and group members reported that they trusted each other more during the second task, if a dog was in the room.

These results suggest that there is something about the presence of a dog that increases kind and helpful behavior in groups.

“When people work in teams, the presence of a dog seems to act as a social lubricant,” says lead author Steve Colarelli. “Dogs seem to be beneficial to the social interactions of teams.”

Why would that be? Could it be that dogs make us feel good, which then impacts our social behavior?

To test that idea, the researchers asked independent raters to watch 40-second videos of the groups edited from the first study—with the sound off and no evidence of the dog in the room—and to note how often they saw indicators of positive emotions (like enthusiasm, energy, and attentiveness). The raters noticed many more good feelings in groups with a companion dog in the room than in groups with no dog, lending some support for their theory.

Although the dogs didn’t seem to impact performance on the group tasks during this short experiment, Colarelli believes that the observed social and emotional benefits could have impacts on group performance over time.

“In a situation where people are working together for a long period of time, and how well the team gets along—do they speak together, have rapport, act cooperatively, help one another—could influence the outcome of the team, then I suspect a dog would have a positive impact,” he says.

Of course, not everyone likes dogs, and some people may even be allergic. Colarelli says that we shouldn’t just start bringing dogs into every workplace—there would be a lot of factors to consider.

But his work adds to a body of research that suggests that dogs impact social interactions and personal well-being. Past studies have shown that people accompanied by dogs tend to elicit more helpful responses from others and that dogs in the workplace can reduce stress. Though most of this kind of research has been done on individuals or pairs, Colarelli’s study shows the positive impacts of dogs may extend to groups.

While the study is relatively preliminary, Colarelli believes that his results tie into another area of research finding positive effects when people are exposed to natural elements—which he thinks could include dogs and other animals—on wellness in the workplace.

Perhaps it’s time I consider letting Casey come to our next staff meeting…for everyone’s sake.

Source: How Dogs Help People Get Along Better | Greater Good

7 Simple Exercises That Will Transform Your Body in Just 4 Weeks


To get you in shape,  at Bright Side they have come up with some simple exercises that will change how you look in as little as four weeks. You won’t have to go to the gym or buy any special equipment — all you need is determination and ten minutes a day.


Here are 20 rituals validated by neurosciences to be happier.

  • well_being2Express your gratitude: Say “thank you” more often.
  • Breathe: focusing on our breathing several times a day is soothing. Try the 6 breaths per minute, it’s even more beneficial (heart consistency).
  • Savor: instead of eating on the go, slow down and “listen” to your sensations. Mastiff and taste in full consciousness. In addition, you will eat less.
  • Walk: A 30-minute walk a day ventilates the mind and keeps it healthy.
  • Get closer to nature: nature does us good. Look at it, touch it, feel its benevolent presence.
  • Verbalize your emotions …: “today I feel”
  • … And your needs: “I need to …”
  • Smile: the smile has a retroactive effect. It improves mood.
  • Call or meet people you like: our brain is neuro-social and physical contact (like cuddling) releases the hormone of happiness (oxytocin).
  • Give, help: altruism makes you happy. Do not expect anything in return.
  • Make decisions: this reduces anxiety.
  • Make a list of your wildest wishes and then store it somewhere.
  • Draw: Draw makes happy, clarifies thoughts and facilitates emotional expression. Why not make a small drawing a day?
  • Sing and dance: the body influences the mind. Dancing and singing give fishing.
  • Weeping: Tears lower stress and allow a saving emotional discharge. If you can not, listen to sad music.
  • Meditate: Regular meditation has incredible effects on us.
  • Turn off the TV and do a digital detox treatment: start a few hours and then whole days.
  • Get involved in a project that is very close to your heart: take advantage of every action that contributes to this project. Become aware of your path.
  • Attract your curiosity: open magazines you’ve never opened, browse books on unknown themes, sign up for new lectures for you, explore new music, …
  • Simplify your life: throw, sell, empty, …

Last tip: sleep. Lack of sleep depresses and degrades our health.

AlchemyAstrology: 4-5 March, 2017 – sidereal — Lost Dudeist Astrology

Originally posted on Alchemy Astrology: Saturday-Sunday ACTIVE –

ACTIVE – Moon in Taurus, laboratory process of Congelation – emotionally stable

Congelation is a loose or temporary Conjunction of opposites; a mixture in which a liquid is gelled or made semi-solid; intercourse.

A good time to: stand tall; embrace your inspiration and upright motivation.

Challenges: one track; it’s so easy to concentrate and think outside the box you could get tunnel vision and miss what’s going on now.

Balance: compassion; take care of someone who needs a hand.

Keywords to Contemplate:
Unconventional . . . . . . . Sun in Aquarius – persistent, concentrative
Stable (emotionally) . . .  Moon in Taurus – changes, retentive
Original  . . . . . . . . . . . .  Mercury in Aquarius  – mental, concentrative
Compassionate . . . . . .  Venus in Pisces – pleasant, relaxative
Dynamic . . . . . . . . . . . . Mars in Aries – impulsive, persistent
Dutiful  . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Jupiter in Virgo – fortunate, analytical
Dignified   . . . . . . . . . . . Saturn in Sagittarius – disruptive, inspirational

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