Pollution is turning the earth and earthlings prematurely gray.

What can you do about it with homeopathic medicines?


When Big Sean, a Grammy Award-nominated and BET award-winning hip-hop artist, appeared on the Daily Show in late January, 2017, he talked about his upbringing in Michigan. Big Sean told the audience that his mother was one of many exposed to lead in the drinking water. But in her case, he added, “holistic care and homeopathic remedies” enabled her “to reverse a lot of the effects of the lead poisoning.”

In envi­ronmental health issues, prevention is always best; but it is important to ask what can be done for people already exposed to toxic chemicals and heavy metals, for these exposures seem to be on the increase. Conventional medicine generally offers little for people suffering from such exposures other than palliative or suppressive treatment of their symptoms. On the other hand, animal and human studies are beginning to show that homeopathic medicines offer poten­tially valuable therapeutic benefits.

Because many Americans reading this article are not necessarily familiar with homeopathy, it may be helpful to know that a recent survey found that 95% of French pediatricians, dermatologists, and general practitionersprescribe homeopathic medicines. This data was derived from the French government’s record of doctors’ prescriptions, making it very accurate. When one realizes that the World Health Organization deems France to have the best health care in the world, it is time for other countries to explore what France does right and emulate these efforts.

To understand why homeo­pathic treatment makes sense in cases of exposure to heavy metals and other toxic substances, it makes sense first to discuss some basic principles of homeopathy.