I’m not condemning any spiritual methodology. I respect that everyone has their own experiences and from those experiences beautifully unique theories and mentalities surrounding the mystery of human life. In that vein of respect and acknowledgement, I would like to point out the misunderstandings surroundings Karma. Karma has been equated to a system, where you ‘get what you put in’ or ‘reap what you sow’. This is true to an extant, but the ‘pay off’ or ‘reaping’ happens in another life time. There is also a system of intertwining energies and intentions.

‘Karma in Buddhism is action. Action in the form of the thinking. Thinking is acting. Speaking is acting. And doing things is acting. And every act has a result. That is Karma. And nothing can be lost. It continues always. The shameful action continues and if you perform positive Karma, it will continue very well if you help other people.’ Thich Nhat Hahn on Tibetan styled Karma.

The important distinction is that your actions be selfless.

You cannot preform kindnesses and compassionate acts with the expectation of expecting anything in return. SELFLESS.

You cannot trick the system. If you do something ‘good’ to get ‘good’ back, this is an inherently selfish action, and in the end unproductive. As we move forward in this discussion, I would like to take some of the emotional content out of this subject. Good and bad are highly charged words, this gives them too much ‘weight’ outside of their very subjective meanings. The more emotion and energy we poor into words and concepts, they change from their original context into personalized behemoths of our mind. Lets not fight any giants today.

Source: There’s Something About Karma That Many People Don’t Realize | Spirit Science