friendship.jpgTrue Friendship in order to deserve to be called that way must be a two way street……Unfortunately, it’s rare.

One can be looking for your friendship because you know how to listen well, one feels confident to confide in you his problems, reveals some secrets, gives you access to his intimacy.

True friends do this, but for a different purpose. They open up to each other in order to establish a link based on Truth and not lie, and to know one another better for achieving the best for one and the other.

In true friendship the exchange goes both ways. Otherwise, you are only one ear, it costs less than to pay for a shrink. 😍😍😀In these types of phony relationships, as soon as you have something you need to talk about, the person all of the sudden lacks time and is not available for you. That won’t stop this person to come back when THEY need it.

Your “so called” friend can use you because of your listening qualities. When this fair weather friend longer needs someone to have empathy, he drops you overnight without a feeling. 👍 That’s when you discover his true motivation, which was difficult to perceive otherwise. đŸ·

True friendship is possible only between mature, responsible, balanced and generous beings, since it implies a total confidence in the other, a desire to live in the truth and to firmly desire the good of the other.

That’s why, don’t be mistaken, we can count real friends on the fingers of one hand and they pass any test of time when everybody is long gone.

Michel Montaigne, a famous French Philosopher once wrote about his friendship for La Boetie, a writer and a poet:

“If someone urges me to tell why I loved him as a friend, I feel it cannot be expressed but noneoftheless, I would reply: Because it was he,  because it was I”.