The preparation is quite strict, although you can put just about anything you want. So if you do not know yet, you are presented this very tasty food bowl.

The principle of powerbowl? Take a bowl and put some food in it. Well what, in the idea is that? Okay, more seriously, it involves using fairly accurate amounts of food. The goal is that the bowl contains all the right nutrients your body needs.

The perfect powerbowl would apparently consist of this, according to the Daily Mail:

-35% of vegetables

-25% cereals

-15% lean protein

-10% of sauces

-30% extra (eg macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, etc.)

You can also do it in fruity version. The 35% of vegetables will be replaced by fruit. Ideally, there should be 3 different vegetables (or fruits) in your bowl. The powerbowl (fruity) would be a full of energy to start the day. And above all, it would avoid the cravings of 10:30 that some know very well.

Good ingredients to add to your shopping list if you want to recreate your own at home include quinoa, beetroot, sweet potato, seeds, nuts, chicken, black beans and avocado (of course).

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