Stupid question, some may argue. The healthy individual does not feel physical suffering and his spirits are up. The criterion is insufficient. Certain diseases, especially in their incubation period, do not cause any suffering. It is perfectly possible, while incubating a serious disease, to feel an artificial state of euphoria due to nervous excitation or a slight surge in temperature, attributable precisely to the incubated disease.

A healthy human being:

1. Sleeps well. Neither too much nor too little: from seven to nine hours a night according to his temperament. He leaves his bed restful and never shaken. His dreams do not leave behind any taste of discomfort. He does not sleep in the day. In the evening, he experiences a very light and pleasant feeling of physical fatigue only if he works hard. He falls asleep almost immediately after bedtime.

  1. The healthy human being quickly recovers his strength after an effort, whatever his age. In cities and countryside around the world, there are no really old humans. but there are people who have aged by a defective lifestyle.

  2. The sound human body is recognized by the harmony of its proportions. It may be thin or massive according to its morphological type, long or short, but in any case there will be neither lack nor excess in it. No strong leanness, no adipose tissue. The human being is, physically, a compound of minerals (Yang) and water (Yin). The excess Yin element produces adiposity, its opposite creates dryness.

4 ° The healthy human being must feel supple in body and mind. The first flexibility is obtained by the practice of a natural physical exercise – living in nature – or rational: gymnastics. The second flexibility is obtained by the use of reasoning and permanent doubt, even and especially in the areas where convictions are best established.

  1. The physically healthy human being must, as far as his stools are concerned, be like a wild animal: toilet paper can be used for the principle. In fact, it must be superfluous. Dark, odorless droppings should leave no trace on the paper. The healthy individual goes to the saddle once every day, with no exceptions. Some individuals; By their constitution, may be obliged to go there twice (maximum), while being well. If they go there more often, they are sick. The man who has the slightest sign of constipation can not be in good health either. It is the same for those who urinate more than four times a day: the Yin element is in excess in its organism. A healthy urine should be dark yellow and transparent. If its color is too light, it is that the Yin has been absorbed in too great a proportion.

6. The human being in good health possesses an equal mood. It is rather cheerful, without explosions of joy – which, when they occur without reason, reveal the existence of a hidden affection- especially if they are followed by a depressive state.

  1. Last but not least, the body of a healthy person, is endowed with a good appetite, not excessive.