A few “advice” if you want to sabotage your life. If you do not know where to start, ironically, this article will help you step by step towards the total failure of your life. Let us get to the rock bottom of mediocrity and turn this into an art of living!

Try at all costs to have an unhealthy lifestyle

You are bored to walk or play sports while you can use your car and make no effort? If you want to succeed in sabotaging your own life, Don’t exercise, stay indoor as much as possible and don’t do anything that could be involving a little effort. As for food, there is no reason to deprive yourself, eat everything, junk food and lots of greasy stuff . Go to the fast food everyday, never eat a vegetable or a fruit! Smoke, drink, enjoy an execrable and short life is even better! 

 Avoid sleeping properly

To go to bed early is for the loosers? Yeah right. Stay late in front of the TV, in case there is something interesting on a channel.

Another important tip: Avoid napping. Not only is it for the children and the old, but in addition you avoid being tired in the afternoon.

No, really, struggle not to sleep in the early afternoon, even 5 minutes.
Like that at night, no worries, you will sleep in front of the TV to rest.
At worst if you wake up then in the night, it does not matter, there are some very interesting TV programs.

Lack of sleep is a must to spaced out all day, irritable and f…ck up your life!

In addition you will strengthen your addictions, is not it awesome?

Neglect your cerebral hygiene 

Meditation, yoga, positive thinking, leave it to the New Age “weirdos” and other enlightened monks. After all, you’re too stressed out for it (and you do not have time, there’s your favorite current series on TV!).

Let the years go by, anyway who cares. You are not going to spend hours doing yoga in bizarre positions with weird people.

To sabotage your life well, make sure you are not taking care of your mind, let parasite thoughts invade your mind, after all you have no choice!

Do not question yourself

Whatever happens, do not worry, it’s not your fault….Right? Always find someone else to blame. If you are criticized, let it sink, or get even and criticize the same way but not openly, at least you do not have to talk to this person that you do not appreciate. Do not listen to the criticisms, after all why question yourself? You are good as you are, no one has the right to tell you these things.

The most important remains to criticize all the people you know, in the way you want, like that you will have a reputation of a hypocritical person, which is a good thing if you are doing your best to have a rotten life…..

Have as many addictions as possible.

Here is a very effective trick to properly ruin your life!

Not one, it’s not enough. Enjoy, you can have several quite easily. Some are especially effective in starting to destroy your life if you ever start to be well in your shoes.I recommend at least smoking 1 pack of cigarettes (maybe 2 a day?) and indulge in sugar. It’s already excellent to begin with.

If in addition you get to add alcohol and illegal drugs, you will be a champion. You will need a bit of effort at first, after you will see, it will go on by itself!

You will feel this irrepressible need to eat something sweet or to smoke a cigarette, but at the same time, it is so good. Put a substantial budget in there, you will quickly see the effectiveness of addictions to miss on  life. It is a habit really indispensable to ruin totally life.

Go for it!