Positive visions are ones which would find happiness or positivity in any event or situation whatever it may be.

Negative visions are ones which show some problem, some complaint, some shortcoming or some objection in any given situation.

One can focus on being more positive and turn hell into paradise.

Developing the imagination, the power of your inner vision:

  1. Find some fifteen minutes every day for the exercises.

Visualize something simple that you can believe you can get, such as going to a movie with your girl/boy friend or with your husband/wife, eating at a certain restaurant or doing something else you would like to do.

Visualize your desire clearly, and include in the visualization all the five senses. If it is watching a movie together with another person, imagine the two of you entering the cinema and sitting down. Listen to the people around you, use your sense of smell and feel the coldness or warmth in the cinema hall. Visualize eating popcorn or drinking some soft drink, and enjoy the taste and smell.

You might find out it is easier to imagine with some of the senses, and a little difficult to imagine with the others. Go on with the exercises and you will strengthen your ability to imagine with all the senses.

Do the same exercise everyday, and you will find that it gradually becomes easier.

Sometimes you may find that your mind starts to verbalize about what you are imagining. Be careful not to replace the imagination with words. The aim is to use the imagination, not words.

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