There is no denying the power of practice and the power of dedication. There is no denying that with consistent effort, we can all make progress.

Every single time we step up to the plate and try our hardest to achieve our goals, we are making ourselves stronger. By never giving up, we are reminding ourselves that we deserve to be happy and live satisfying lives.

By taking the time to come up with a plan for success, and by following through on these plans, we demonstrate our dedication to our health and well-being. We need to spend time thinking and acting in our best interest instead of denying ourselves the steps to live our lives to our fullest.

We are all born strong – all born with the ability to be great. However, over time, we sometimes find ourselves doubting this ability. None of us are above the need for improvement, we can all use a little help.

How do we help ourselves in times of doubt and uncertainty? We come up with a plan; healthy actions that we can partake in to challenge ourselves. Then, once we come up with a plan, we continue to put that plan into action so that we become stronger, healthier individuals. Taking the necessary steps to achieve greatness makes us stronger!

Source : The Undertaking of a New Action Brings New Strength – Richard L. Evans |