I discovered curcumin lately and was able to fight inflammation,and treat digestive problems with this miracle spice!

It helps the body fight foreign invaders and also has a role in repairing damage. It turns out that curcumin is strongly anti-inflammatory, it is so powerful that it matches the effectiveness of some anti-inflammatory drugs.

To make a long story short, Curcumin has powerful antioxidant effects. It neutralizes free radicals on its own, then stimulates the body’s own antioxidant enzymes. A must have !

This is the best curcumin I tried so far. It is of great quality and good value.

  • Non-GMO NatureWise Organic Curcumin with 95% curcuminoids helps protect cells against oxidative stress and deterioration, supports cardiovascular health, and promotes joint support for healthy aging
  • This enhanced formula delivers 1650 mg curcumin complex per serving, and includes 95% curcuminoids (curcumin, bisdemethoxycurcumin, and demethoxycurcumin), the most potent compounds in turmeric root with powerful antioxidant properties
  • Includes BioPerine, a patented black pepper fruit extract clinically shown to increase the absorption of curcumin by as much as 4x, making it more effective than other formulas that do not contain proven bioenhancers
  • Organic ginger has complementary antioxidant properties and helps to promote absorption. The combined support of curcumin and ginger may assist in several protective functions in the GI tract and in the liver
  • NatureWise Organic Curcumin is vegan and gluten-free

NatureWise ORGANIC Curcumin Tumeric 1650mg,180 caps with 95% Curcuminoids for Cardiovascular Support & Healthy Joints with Advanced Absorption