If you’ve ever “gone with your gut” to make a decision or felt “butterflies in your stomach” when nervous, you’re likely getting signals from an unexpected source: your second brain.  Hidden in the walls of the digestive system, this “brain in your gut” is revolutionizing medicine’s understanding of the links between digestion, mood, health and even the way you think.

Your digestive system is a complex ecosystem of good and bad bacteria. New research suggests that we have 100 trillion micro-organisms (live bacteria) living inside our digestive tract. We have good, beneficial bacteria that aids in digestion and elimination and bad harmful bacteria that leads to fungus, yeast infections, weight gain and dangerous digestive issues. 

The “good bacteria” are called probiotics and are critical to a healthy digestive system. These “good guys” help you digest food, eliminate waste, promote healthy immune function, regulate your metabolism and are responsible for maintaining a healthy GI tract.

When our digestive system is balanced with 80% good bacteria vs 20% bad bacteria, our digestive system functions at its best. Numerous scientific studies have proven the beneficial affects of this healthy probiotic balance, linking probiotics to everything from weight management, higher energy levels, mental clarity and a stronger immune system.

With just one daily dose of the right probiotic you can:

  • Supercharge your immune system (Remember, 70% of the immune system is found in the gut!)
  • Establish mental clarity, ridding yourself of anxiety, depression and aggressive thoughts 
  • Control your weight; drop those stubborn pounds you’ve been trying to lose for years!

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