Meditation is a mode of consciousness that helps a Human Being to be in harmony with itself. This leads to better everyday life, to an improved harmonious relationship to oneself, to others, to the world.

It can help you in a holistic way: body, mind and spirit. You might not believe this but you will greatly benefit from 10 minutes a day of meditation. It all starts with breathing, one of the most important act of our lives, to inhale and exhale!

One simple exercise, as vital as brushing your teeth everyday, is to sit comfortably and close your eyes. Realize how the air is filling the lungs and leaving your body.
For someone who doesn’t know how to quiet his mind, the best way is to say to yourself:

” Air is filling the lungs (not my lungs) and Air is leaving the lungs”

(It may seem funny to put it that way, but since you are trying to quiet the mind and your ego, no need to say “I” “My”, it’s best to be neutral.

It may sound not much but here are the many treasures you will reap after a short period of time

Physical benefits

Psychosomatic relaxation (body and mind)
Regulates the digestive tract and eating needs
Helps reduce the consumption of stimulants or sedatives, tobacco, coffee, alcohol, drugs
Improved quality of sleep
Improvement of the circulatory system
Reduces blood pressure
Harmonization of the nervous system
More strength and energy
Less risk of contracting diseases
Health and vitality; Slows down the aging process
Physical well-being
Emotional / mental benefits

Releases stress
Inner balance
Improves Memory and mood
Inner peace
Thought control
Purification of the mind
Elimination of negative thoughts