Trust Destiny. Believe in the happy coincidences, a little like when a friend to whom you had just thought gives you a call … Tell yourself that many things, not visible to the naked eye happen. Your Guardian Angel is watching over you and will lead you to good People, to the right situations. If not, ask what lesson you can learn from your ordeals; We can not change events, whether good or bad, or people, but we can change the way we react to them.

Find 3 things per day that excite you. Rejoice in the little pleasures of everyday life: hear a song that you like, buy a dish that you love to eat, find a parking space, have news of a friend, have lost weight if you feel Large or on the contrary having taken a little muscle after having a health problem etc.

Express your Affection or your Love. Tell your feelings to your loved ones regularly whether it is your parents, your spouse or friends, tell them you love them. Have a walk with your pet and let him know how much you care, they understand your emotions. Forgive, if you can, someone you love who hurt you, you will be surprised at the results. Besides, life is too short. Public demonstration is not mandatory, an SMS, an email may suffice.

Try to look at things through the eyes of the Child you once were. When you are experiencing a very difficult time, ask yourself if this problem would count as much if you were 7 years old. You will see that everything looks less serious – unless your buddy had just eaten the last candy or chocolate square or your friend had criticized you on your clothes lol.

Walk in a park or in Nature and admire it. Look around as if it was the first time. You can marvel at a sunset, a tree, animals, appreciate the perfume of the rain that fell on the grass, relativise your worries in front of the immensity of the world. There are always more unhappy than you, turn on the Television and watch the news, you will be convinced.