Once upon the time there was a prince names Pearl who had always sought the land of happiness. For years he had traveled the world to no avail and spent fortunes on his quest.

One day someone said to him: “I do not know where the country lies, but I know the road that leads to it. This road has its starting point where there is the dwelling of “Old Ho”, the Old man-child.

The prince sought and at last found the old Ho’s place. He got to the door and knocked, but no one answered him. The prince struck for a long time, then, tired and discouraged, he was preparing to retire when his gaze landed on the brow of a path which was visible in the midst of the bushes on the other side of the road. He had an intuition and realized that this narrow path might lead to the land of Happiness.

He started his journey on this road. It was very inconvenient. The brambles tore the prince’s hands and face. He stumbled upon large stones maliciously concealed under the grass of the sink. He walked, for a long, very long time. Often he was afraid because dragons and ghosts appeared to him.

At last, after days, months, and most likely years, of traveling this harassing road, he reached a very unusual garden. Gardens like this, the prince had seen hundreds of them and yet he felt that he was getting close to the end of his quest, and that he had reached the land of Happiness.

He made up his mind, from now on and forever, he would live there, at last Happy.
But before taking possession of his estate, the prince decided to take a good look. The garden was a small square, framed on three sides by brushwood. But the fourth side, opposite to the direction from which the prince came, was bounded by a small house.

After going around his little kingdom, the prince reached the house and found the door open. He came in but nobody was inside. Wishing to have a clear heart, the prince crossed the whole house. He thus reached the door which opened onto the outside.

The prince went out and found himself on the sidewalk of a road. He turned and looked at the shutter of the door through which he had just passed. He saw as for the first time an inscription: “House of old Ho – Country of happiness – Free entrance” !

The prince understood that he had already seen this inscription but that he had not been able to understand it …

Most of the time we look everywhere for Happiness when it is right there in simple things, enjoying the moment Here and Now.