All of this may bring about surprises within relationships – anytime Uranus is involved and Libra is involved.


December 13, 2016 we will have a full moon in Gemini.  This will take place while the sun is still in Sagittarius.  Gemini is the sign of the twins – two faces, two sides. It is  an air sign ruled by Mercury – the chatty fast moving planet.  Gemini is all about communication, both talking and listening, and determining where you stand with the information you receive.   Geminis are intellectual signs, good with their mind. And, as you might expect, good with communication. Use this moon to focus on the impact of your words. Release and let go of old ways of communicating with others.  And also with the dialogue you use with yourself.

There are also a lot of other aspects and transits affecting this moon. There is a trine to Mars (which is in Aquarius), and a sextile to Uranus (in Aries) and a trine to Jupiter…

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