Essential Clove Oil  is a powerful, anti-infectious antiseptic with broad spectrum (anti-fungal, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-parasitic). It is used against viral diseases, fungi and various parasites. It is considered useful in the prevention of infectious diseases. A single restriction, one can only consume the essential oil of Clove one week, beyond could become toxic.

Also antispasmodic due to eugenyl acetate, it is beneficial in dyspepsia and soothes cough. It stimulates lazy stomachs and fights against fermentations and bloating. It excites the appetite and overactivates the digestive glands at all levels.

It also exerts a stimulating action in the asthenia with loss of memory. I personally use 3 drops twice a day with hot beverage. It works miracles!


NOW Foods Clove Oil, 4 ounce