The astrological sign of sagittarius, related to people born between 23 November and 22 December in tropical astrology, corresponds to it (the most popular in the West) at an angle between 240 degrees and 270 degrees counted on the ecliptic ( The circle of signs of the zodiac) from the vernal point. It is associated with the constellation of the same name in sidereal astrology.

The sign of sagittarius would be related to the classical element of fire according to tropical astrology and conditional astrology. However, the astrologer André Barbault stated in his book L’astrologie, interviews with Michèle Reboul1: “Sagittarius is not a sign of fire, but of air, even air and fire. The flaming arrow that characterizes it symbolizes both fire and air (the sagittarius being also a winged centaure). A vision shared by most astrologies like karmic astrology, sidereal astrology and popular astrology. This sign thus shares the element fire with the ram and the Lion or element air with the balance and the gemini.

Its polar opposite is the constellation of gemini. According to Claude Ptolemy and his Tetrabiblos, the first decan of the sign of the sagittarius is governed by Mercury, the second decan by the Moon, and third decan by Saturn.